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UPDATES Trending Event on twitter to celebrate Tom Welling’s birthday 

This April 26th our beloved Tom Welling will be turning 36 years old!!

We decided to celebrate this by trending on twitter our happy birthday wishes.
Join us and use tha hashtag #HappyBdayTomWelling.

Friday April 26th, 2013. East/Central time: 7pm/6pm

Basic Event Information:

Date:  April 26th 2013

Time: East/Central time: 7pm/6pm

Tag Used: #HappyBdayTomWelling

Twitter account:  @Ale_Green07  @kerlytx   @alexakent @tw_svbr 

 (For all your questions and for next updates)

And remember that you can also schedule your tweets (if you aren´t be able to help this day):

It´s really easy… Just add #HappyBdayTomWelling to your tweets!!!

AVATAR  to #HappyBdayTomWelling … LINK

we have made some Premade Tweets:

Part 1 -  Part II

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