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“I can’t live in a world where you don’t love me.” Smallville. Season 10. Luthor

He can’t stand seeing the fear and loathing in her eyes when she looked at him. This wasn’t his Lois, but this was Lois. The one who was meant for the Clark of that world. And he ignored her, abused his power, and lost the chance to have the most amazing woman by his side. He had barely survived Lois having disappeared for three weeks, but not have her love? That was a death sentence. How could any Clark from any world not want Lois Lane to love him?




Finished making the credits for Season Ten. Here they are. xD

OMG….THIS IS AMAZING!!!! *cries a million tears silently* 

that made me cry (too much Chloe though) but i want my show back GIMME MY SHOW BACK!!!

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