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“Lois? Who’s Lois?”

Lois Lane-Costumes

When it comes to going undercover Lois Lane is the master. She integrates herself so much into the story that she essentially becomes the story, whether she wants to be or not. One question: Where does she get her costumes? Well some she’s been forced into, some she made, and the others are probably from some small costume shop in Metropolis where no doubt Clark Kent is tracking down for -ahem- personal reasons.

Lois wins at life.

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“Lois Lane is off limits.”

Clark Kent: Lois Lane’s Champion

Every time Lois Lane is threatened Clark Kent’s over protective instincts get kicked into high gear. It has always been this way, since the moment they met. The need to protect her is instinctual. It doesn’t matter who it is: human, meteor freak, clone, cyborg, or an alien. Mess with Lois Lane and Clark Kent will take you down…and he will win.

(Source: goldfishangie)

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